Trumpet Style in Jazz

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Originally from the small town of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Bria studied jazz and performance at Capilano University in Vancouver while balancing a full road schedule with two bands. After graduating she traveled extensively, performing in China, Japan and throughout Europe as a featured artist. Seeking new challenges, Bria moved to New York city in September of Upon arrival she went to jam with friends in Washington Square Park and an hour into playing world renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis stopped to listen.

He gave her a thumbs up. Photo credit John Abbott. Dating back to BCE and further, the earliest trumpets have been found all over the world in places such as Egypt, Scandinavia, China, Africa, and Peru, even with a mention in the Bible.

The first trumpets were usually made out of animal horns, which eventually became brass and other metals similar to the trumpets we know today. Starting as early as , Charles Clagget lit the spark of this evolutionary period with the creation of the valve mechanism, which is still found in variations today. Nowadays, we use many different styles of trumpets in various forms but the most recent major contribution goes to Renold Schilke, who invented and developed the tuning-bell trumpet beginning in and finally deciding on a final product in ArtistWorks offers expert trumpet instruction online, with personal feedback.

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Trumpet Style in Jazz Trumpet Style in Jazz
Trumpet Style in Jazz Trumpet Style in Jazz
Trumpet Style in Jazz Trumpet Style in Jazz
Trumpet Style in Jazz Trumpet Style in Jazz
Trumpet Style in Jazz Trumpet Style in Jazz

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