The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation

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Her brilliant mind captured the attention of many, and her tender spirit caused others to fall in love with this gentle giant who was less than five feet tall. Perhaps during these Lenten days, we can acknowledge what has felt forsaken in our own life or in the life of someone else and reach out to bring hope to what seems like a hopeless situation.

The third word of Jesus from the cross is a word about human community, of which all of us are part. Son, behold your mother. Where else would she be? As difficult as it was and as much as it must have pained her, Mary was there for one reason. She loved her son.

In a way, his cross was her cross. He shows us that relationships that are part of human community are relationships that matter. He shows us a vision for the church and the world that is crucial for our witness. She took the risk to heed the word of God and responded to it with sacrificial acts of love.

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But in another sense, there is nothing safer or more rewarding than to hear the word of God, because Jesus said that those who hear and do the word of God are his mother, brothers and sisters. The third word of Jesus is a powerful reminder that we are part of a much larger family, a global family, a family so desperately in need of love.

All of us belong to one another. Catherine McAuley on her deathbed was thinking of her sisters in Mercy.

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Everyone is interconnected. If there are walls of division such as poverty, racism and other issues, these need to be dismantled to no longer disgrace our Earth. Imagine that Jesus was speaking not only to his mother and his beloved disciple; he was also speaking to you, to me, to all of us. Do his words make us feel proud? Do they make us feel humble?


Jesus gave us the command to take care of one another. He asks us to fulfill this mission which he entrusted to us. Let us embrace his gift and challenge to us. On Friday mornings, we met for Bible Study and Meditation. No other scriptural reference related better to the longings and experience of the inmates.

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There was Bernie, who asked me if I really believed that God could still be that merciful. And then there was Jake, who proclaimed loudly to the whole group that he would never trust this story if he had not seen it in his Bible with his own two eyes.

No wonder I felt more like a real Sister of Mercy there, teaching, proclaiming the absolute, unconditional love of our merciful God. Many years ago I had the opportunity to attend the celebration of the th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia. These words tell us how forgiveness works on us. When we are able to forgive, we not only put the past, with its hurts, behind us, but we also find compassion in the space where we had been holding on to our hurts.

Perhaps our readiness to forgive comes sooner than the readiness to ask for forgiveness, or the other way around. Jesus, Word of God, gave us words of wisdom filled with hope and spoken from his heart. His words provide the truth about the meaning of life, which is love. Might I suggest we spend time reflecting on a different one of these 7 last sayings not necessarily as a reflection for each of the sacraments but rather on our state in life.

If maybe we are sick it would be appropriate to reflect with these sayings in light of that sickness or if we have discovered a certain pattern of sin in our life maybe reflect on these seven last sayings of Christ in light of that.

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Pope St. Leo the Great encourages us to use this Lenten season to perfect our lives and root out all evil. For most of you, your calling is to the vocation of marriage. Your path to salvation and your journey with the Lord will be done in the context of your marriage. It is my prayer that many of you will be able to take this basic reflection and adapt it in your prayer and meditation to your situation. Leo the Great. Sermo 6 de Quadragesima , Pl 54 Can we make a gesture to reach out to that person while our arms remain free to move?

Even if we should be rebuffed, can we do as Christ did and pray that God will forgive that person — and us, too? The completely innocent Christ was given two criminals as His companions as He hung from the Cross. One of them railed at Him, demanding that He save them all if He truly was the Christ.

Meditation on the Seven Last Words of Christ

The other rebuked the first for not fearing God present in Christ, who suffered the same punishment as theirs even though He was innocent. This article is from The Catholic Guide to Loneliness. Click image to preview or order. If we are or should become victims of severe emotional or social isolation, how might we treat those in the same boat, bearing a similar cross? Will we recognize Christ in them and treat them accordingly? Our ultimate reward will be great one day should we, too, share Paradise with Christ. He wants those whom He loves to continue to love and care for each other in the most intimate of ways, as that between a mother and her child, a child and his mother.

Of course, Jesus grants Mary as Queen of Heaven to be mother not only to John but to every man and woman on earth. Centuries after that day, St. So, is there a lonely person in your life, perhaps someone bereaved of a parent, or a child, for whom you might step forward and offer love and support, as John and the Blessed Mother offered each other love and support?

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Christ here echoes Psalm , which expresses the desolation He felt in His human nature. Here is Christ suffering. In our loneliest hours, do we feel that we are forsaken not only by man, but by God?

The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation
The Seven Last Words of Christ A Lenten Meditation

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