The Grid - A Solution for Life

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Why Skeleton’s ultracapacitors are ideal for this market

It offers rural communities high-quality, sustainable and renewable energy and drinking water on an affordable pay-as-you-go PAYG basis. Electricity for productivity, communications and entertainment.

Off-grid Solutions Project

Clean, potable drinking water for health and wellbeing. Biogas as an affordable, sustainable clean cooking alternative to firewood and charcoal.

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!

Creating a biofertilizer useful for improving agricultural crop yields from the biogas digestive process. Communities and small businesses pay for the energy and water services as they would from any other utility provider.


It is a proven, reliable, secure, high-quality infrastructure solution for the most rugged rural areas. Battery-based UPS solutions are in use everywhere, but sometimes they are just not quick enough to respond, or don't respond at all due to a malfunctioning system. Ultracapacitors are the ideal solution for short power outages, because they are both extremely reliable and can react very quickly. The growing share of renewable energy is increasing grid unreliability. The global market for grid and renewable energy storage is expanding rapidly.

Hybrid Social Solutions

Increasing volumes of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are driving the need for energy storage technology to level power load and reduce the strain on the grid. Ultracapacitors help prevent blackouts by delivering peak power and extending the lifespan of batteries in energy storage systems.

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Ultracapacitors are also able to provide backup power for wind pitch control systems and uninterrupted power systems UPS , as well as other short-term bridging and peak-shaving applications. We can currently offer ultracapacitor-based energy storage solutions either by supplying ultracapacitor modules to be integrated into a larger system or to be delivered as a large turn-key solution in partnership with System Integrators.

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The grid systems can reach high levels of complexity and become quite daunting to control. Within them, there can be an array of different applications with various means of energy storage associated to them. Ultracapacitors as an energy storage medium can provide big benefits such as instant response to demand surge and improved energy delivery quality.

North America

Ultracapacitor energy storage can be the ideal solution for different power quality issues, including magnitude, flicker, dip, swell, and interruption events, because of their ability to react practically instantly. Semiconductor manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry or any cleanroom environment , the automotive industry, metal pressing, painting, and various other industries and manufacturing processes are especially susceptible to power quality issues, and the scrap caused by one single poor power quality event can be measured in tens of millions of euros.

Almost all power profiles are dynamic — in addition to the base power, a short period of peak power has to be covered.

Improve grid reliability

Ultracapacitors fill the gap between base and peak loads. An ultracapacitor-based solution is a fraction of the size and price of a similar battery-based solution.

In one customer application, an ultracapacitor-based solution ended up being ten times more economical than a battery-based solution. In addition, only one containerized ultracapacitor energy storage unit was needed, compared to six battery containers. Ultracapacitors maintain a high level of performance in cold temperatures, require little to no maintenance, and have a very long cycle and calendar life. Ultracapacitors can deal with these interruptions more efficiently than conventional batteries and flywheels. General info skeletontech. Press Enquiries press skeletontech.

The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life The Grid - A Solution for Life
The Grid - A Solution for Life

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