The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)

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He gave an impatient shake of his head. Pierre, a man several years his junior, voiced his concern by launching into all the reasons? Especially as the baby? He hastily placed the piece of white linen on his shoulder and hefted the baby into one arm before he was able to close the office door behind him on the wide-eyed and slightly worried stares of Marie and Pierre. Michael turned to see the violet-eyed woman gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling-windows at the view up the length of the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe; that view, and the prestigious address, were the main reasons for choosing this stunning location for the Paris gallery.

Eva eyed him impatiently. Should he have? Of course he should, the arrogant, irresponsible jerk? He frowned darkly even as he gave a slow shake of his head. A red tide seemed to pass in front of Eva's eyes. All these months of heartache, chaos, heartache, loss, and, yes, just plain heartache, and this man didn't even remember Rachel's name, let alone Rachel herself?!

Don't bother to answer that,' Eva added furiously as she began to pace the office. His eyes were as black and piercing as jet as he turned back to Eva. Eva's eyes widened angrily, her cheeks warming with temper. In fact, you're holding part of the evidence of that involvement in your arms right now!

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Michael instantly stared down at the baby he held. Not a newborn, certainly, probably a few months old, possibly five or six, and very cute, as babies went, with her mop of black hair, those violet-coloured eyes, and her little face screwed up in concentration as she played with one of the buttons on the jacket of his several-thousand-pound suit.

I've never met her,' he repeated coldly. It's distressing the babies,' Michael added firmly as Eva Foster opened her mouth with the obvious intention of continuing to argue with him. It was unusual for anyone to argue with him, period, Michael being accustomed to issuing orders and having them obeyed rather than have people dispute them. Nor did he appreciate the added complication of this woman? It was an accusation Michael didn't appreciate.

He'd learnt his lesson many years ago when it came to the machinations of women. And he had Emma Lowther to thank that, for teaching him to never, ever trust a woman, when it came to contraception or anything else. How many years ago was it since Emma had tried to blackmail him into marriage by claiming she was pregnant? Archangel gallery, Paris. An attempt that failed miserably as the baby's cries seemed to grow even louder. What the?? He recoiled back from the now-drooling infant. Gallery view. Guaranteed 3-day delivery. By Miranda Lee. Author Miranda Lee. The Italian's Unexpected Love-Child.

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Format Mass Market Paperback. Language English. Series Secret Heirs of Billionaires.

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Maddie's Love-Child Miranda Lee. Author: Miranda Lee. She resisted him once. But this billionaire is playing to win! A luxury villa on Capri will be the latest jewel in playboy Leonardo Fabrizzi's crown, until he discovers Veronica Hanson stands to inherit it. A bus skids and crashes and is stranded in a gathering storm. There's a small town twenty miles away, where a vulnerable witness is guarded around the clock.

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There's a strange stone building five miles further on, all alone on the prairie. Condition is Good. Books are 23 paperbacks. Books areLike New to Good. Few books have marks inside covers, one book has a loose binding in the front, see photos. All books have a mark on the outside of the pages, see photos. We strive for excellence.

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The French Aristocrat's Baby – Mills & Boon Australia

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The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern) The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)
The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern) The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)
The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern) The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)
The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern) The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)
The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern) The French Aristocrats Baby (Mills & Boon Modern)

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