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Normal aluminum cantilevers often develop a tendency to make the playback sound slightly bigger, but the stylus chip is designed to line-contact with its curvature radius to 1. Legendary Line is traditional MC phono cartridge with faithfully succeeding the basic design of Model series, which was sold in as the first generation of Shelter product.

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The sound is extremely smooth and gentle, and yet it has minute information volume and quietness, which are compatible at higher dimensions. With using stable material based on the long result such as aluminum alloy body housing, simple and legitimate motor structure, aluminum-clad boron cantilever, 0. The III uses hard aluminum cantilever with line-contact diamond stylus chip same structure with Harmony.


Unlike models and , which pursue more information or detail of sound, III provides comfort of analog playback sound from the moment when the stylus chip falls into the groove. The Model III is latest development of series. Through continued refinement the III is equally responsive with the most recent recordings or any of your most cherished albums. The III has the combination of aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip.

The expressiveness, power and energy fare superbly balanced to highest level. The II has an aluminum cantilever and conical stylus tip. The stylus tip is a moderate size of 0. It is a great choice for traditional analog reproductions as well as with legacy albums of your favorite performers. The Model is MM moving magnet cartridge.

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Designed for affordability, the weight and output are matched for a wide selection of tone arms and tables. The Model series head-shell uses choice aluminum that has high degree of internal loss and less ringing.

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We welcome volunteers to come help us serve or provide more inventive community events and programs with the residents. Join us at our October fundraiser! All proceeds go toward facilities improvements.

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  4. Eventbrite Link. Facade, Summer. Prof Manjoo has over four decades of experience in social justice and human rights work both in South Africa and abroad.

    The Democratic Republic Of Congo has been named the rape capital of the world, and yet people like Christine Schuler Deschuryver have not lost hope in it, creating a transformational leadership community of women who have survived violence. Describing Buvaku as her home, Christine Schuler Deschuryver is a Congolese Activist who has dedicated her life to run and direct a community called City of Joy in Congo.

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    She is an avid advocate for Congolese Women's rights. That has given her enough experience to work as the Director of V-Day's work on the ground in the DRC, including the City of Joy and coordinating campaign activities on the local, provincial and national level. Under her leadership, City of Joy has graduated 1, women from its program and they do not plan to stop there.

    Denise Mukwege to bring solutions to challenges faced by Congolese women.

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    She is revolutionizing the community of Bukavu one woman at a time! No one who is affected by domestic violence should be left to cope on their own. They all deserve a fresh start, in a safe place. May our joint efforts be stronger than the fear and isolation of the victims, and may we give them hope for a better future!

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    In every corner of the world women and girls need a roof, a place to shelter from violence, poverty and corruption. We have renewed energy to connect and to act right from now, to say no to violence, to act against any form of violence, and to speak out and not remain silent. Log in Register. About 4WCWS. Mon, 23 Sep

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