On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)

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But her father's Chinatown haunts are out of bounds and the airy rooms of their home are filled with her mother's uncontrollable rages — rages against which Fay rebels as she grows into a headstrong woman.

As she tries to escape the restraints of her privileged upbringing, Fay's eyes are opened to a Jamaica she was never meant to see. And when her mother decides that she must marry the racketeer Yang Pao, she finds herself on a journey that will lead to sacrifice and betrayal.

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With grace, authenticity and humour , Young lets Jamaica's political history shine through the life story of her charming yet fallible hero. Born to a French mother and brought up by a tyrannical Afghan father, Nila flees her oppressive life in Kabul with her adopted daughter, leaving behind a dying husband who is a repressed homosexual in love with his chauffeur. Even a life of binge drinking, sexual promiscuity and writing erotically charged poems cannot save Nila from herself. After misleading Pari about her parentage all her life, Nila leaves a hint of the truth in an interview she gives to a poetry journal days before she kills herself.

A counterpoint to the excesses of this domestic drama is the story of a Greek man who renounces a successful career as a plastic surgeon in Athens to devote his energies to fixing the humanitarian mess made by the US and its allies in Afghanistan. Along the course of this meandering tale, whose ultimate destiny is the reunion of the parted siblings, several lives are ruined by choices made or not made, tough decisions are taken under duress, and epiphanies are experienced, often as cheesy one-liners.

Although engaging, even in its episodic quality, the hydra-headed plot may leave the reader perplexed, if not impatient, from time to time. In another endless and sluggish section, two Afghan boys try to forge a friendship, only to discover how their fates have been poisoned by feuds between their forefathers.

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To see the latest price, hover over the book cover image. In a dark world set many millennia ago, year-old Torak must take a dangerous journey to the mountain of Wolf Spirit and save the world from a dangerous demon. An ideal group reading book for year 5 pupils.

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Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans An anarchic laugh out loud story about a boy, Elliot, who spots a shooting star one night which turns out to be a deity with a lot on her mind; and something unexpected and very nasty lurking under Stonehenge. The outrageously funny language will appeal to reluctant readers. This must-read book is probably a cult series in the making.

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Anarchic, funny, and at times completely mad — with a hint of Roald Dahl. But one day the tower begins to crumble and fall. The world around him collapses amongst peculiar and menacing plants.

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Is all hope lost or can he find a way out? But Feodora and her mother have a unique talent — they can turn tame wolves into wild beasts fit to fend for themselves. A great story about struggling for freedom and independence.

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Heidi by Johanna Spyri Heidi is an orphan left heartbroken when she has to leave her grandfather and home in the mountains to live in the city. Read more about Johanna Spyri. After significant research, Artemis believes that he has confirmed the existence of fairies, and he intends to track them down.

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A more advanced book for Year 5 book clubs. The Wonder Garden by Jenny Bloom and Kristjana Williams A beautifully realised illustrated exploration of five incredible habitats — each meticulously detailed in colourful pictures and snappy labels.

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Journey through the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon in this visual masterpiece. Great for sparking off imaginative young minds. The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis year-old Parvana is forced by to become the breadwinner for her family in a war-torn Taliban ruled Afghanistan. The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo A young boy runs away from a boarding school and he meets an old woman who tells him the story of Bertie and the butterfly lion.

In Africa, Bertie rescued a white lion cub, but was forced to leave it behind when he went to boarding school. The lion was sold to a circus but Bertie promised to find it one day. An easy read for year fives. White When Wilbur the pig is in danger of being slaughtered and eaten by the farmer, Charlotte the spider writes messages about Wilbur to stun the farmer into letting him live.

Perfect for reluctant reader and class reading books for Year 5. Clockwork by Philip Pullman A tormented apprentice clock-maker, a deadly mechanical knight in armour — and the sinister Dr Kalmenius, who some say is the devil. A great modern fairy tale. The What on Earth? Wallbook Timeline of Big History by Christopher Lloyd An incredible history book which spans the dawn of time to the present day, in a five metre long fold out book timeline which can be laid out on a table, floor or wall.

Children can walk around the book and dip into the different time periods. Unique and very engaging. Great for reluctant readers and pupils interested in history.

On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)
On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)
On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)
On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)
On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)
On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader) On the Mountain (Bloomsbury Reader)

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