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You never know what you might capture.

The Haunting of Hill House season 2 - The Haunting of Bly Manor

Each tour group will use the latest equipment to possibly collect paranormal evidence. Join our hunt to validate the myths, lore, legends, and haunts of this historic mining town. Happy Hauntings! Brought my family, a group of seven to the haunted tour. Gene, the guide really did his research on the history of Hangtown. He exceeded my expectations on his knowledge of each historic building, that was known to be haunted. We all got to use electronic ghost hunting devises, which showed surprisingly good results. And we all had a chance to use at least one. It really was an interactive experience.

We brought 3 skeptics with us, all of which enjoyed themselves. I just cannot wait to find out the results of what some of the instruments found. Like, the talking box, some of the things that were said over the box were said backwards. Kari Gasperson We attended the tour this weekend and it was really fun. Gene and his wife are incredibly knowledgeable about the area and he also made each stop really interesting with stories of spectral activity and great sense of humor.

It was also interactive so we each got a device to use so we could try to pick up energies or spirits along the way. Not your run of the mill tour. It reaches a crescendo at the end with a spirit session and I recommend volunteering to sit with the spirit sweep headphones. I for sure thought dragging my hubby to this he would get bored and cranky but he really enjoyed it.

I would definitely go again. Elissa Schwartz lots of activity in the rooms and on the equipment, perfect planning for our comfort.

A computer server haunted Clinton in 2016. Now it may be Trump's turn

Shared previous experiences. Looking forward to future events. Roxann Crosby Gene and Stephanie were so amazing to be around. The tour and the history was a great first experience for my brother, my boyfriend and I.

I will be booking another tour with them soon. I couldn't recommend this enough!!!! It was such an adventure, I enjoyed every moment of it Thank you guys for making this happen. I hope to join you all on some more adventures. Cherie Cornelison Read more reviews on Facebook! The cry heard around the world. You hear the tales of gold seekers striking it rich. The glory, the fame, the riches.

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Gold dust aplenty. Unfortunately, most of those who left everything; their family, friends, and their homes behind found themselves destitute, desperate and dead. From all over the world those seeking their fortune in gold rushed in droves to this small town.

Strewn with hometown restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries, a hint of history still lurks. A lot of the old buildings still remain, but modern progress has given them a face lift. This gem of the gold rush days is a must see if your traveling through the historic Gold Country of California. Join us for a walk down memory lane. We will weave stories of the rich history of Placerville with tales of misfortune, murder, and mayhem. Learn of the destruction from devastating fires.

Death from scurvy, murder, suicide and of course, the justice of the times…hanging. Read Rave Reviews on Facebook and Tripadvisor!

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Sign up for our mailing list to receive announcements for upcoming Special Investigation Events. The Montteram family has been putting up the haunted house for a few years to spook the neighbourhood. Ron Montteram wishes the person that complained addresses it with him directly to potentially make adjustments before the city shut it down completely. More Weekly Flyers.


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Updated: September 25, pm. If I took this down and then parked my truck or my utility trailer on my driveway… it will create the same blind spot. Get daily local headlines and alerts. Report an error. Calgary Haunted House.

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