A Hole in My Heart

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Richards says in future mending holes in the heart may becomethe domain of a tissue engineer, who will use biological scaffoldsand stem cells to patch up abnormal tissue. Shortly after birth, she was diagnosed with several congenitalheart defects associated with a cluster of disabilities known asCharge syndrome.

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These included atrial septal defect and ventricalseptal defect, or holes in the upper and lower chambers of herheart. The holes were so big, says her mum Melissa, that the wallsmeant to be separating the chambers were "basicallynon-existent". Cardiac surgeons were unable to close them and instead "rewired"the little girl.

Her blood now goes straight from her body to herlungs, bypassing her heart, and reducing its workload. Jaimee goes to school and Girl Guides, plays netball on weekendsand dreams about being a teacher. Her heart'sjust not wired like everyone else's. There's a hole in my heart.

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The Sydney Morning Herald. The trapdoor is supposed to close after birth. Lalala feat.

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Hole In My Heart

Editar playlist. This is not to say that one divorce leads to another through the generations although this is often the case ; it simply means that there are constant reminders throughout one's lifetime about the fissure in your family- when babies are born, birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals- they're all bittersweet. There is the ever-present discomfort of broken relationships, dreams and plans.

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And even though my mom insisted that divorce would be her salvation, I'm not sure that it actually turned out that way. Although she ended up creating a fabulous career where she travelled internationally, she never found love again and had two sons who spent years barely speaking to her.

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Part of the problem with divorce, is that it is impossible to accurately predict the fallout. I can't help but wonder if that therapist's advice- "Go find yourself"- truly improved the quality of my mother's life in the end.

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Additionally, I feel fairly certain that, with effective help, my mother could have evolved personally without sacrificing her marriage -and family- in the process. Now before you think I'm emotionally stunted, hear this. Many children of divorce have holes in their hearts even if they move on in life and are extremely successful.

They don't necessarily talk about it, but the void is there.

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The only real exception is when their parents' marriages are truly abusive. So, if you're sitting on the fence about divorce, give yourself and your kids a gift for a lifetime. Fix your marriage.

A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart
A Hole in My Heart A Hole in My Heart

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